Voiz Waffle Chocolate: Classroom

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Digital, Film, PR, Promo & Activation — Share this via

There are only 2 college students remaining in the after school tutoring class. The boy (Ake) makes his move and approaches the girl (Jane) to kiss her. Jane, who just had a bite of Voiz Waffle, is shocked. Moving closer to Jane, he aims to bite the other end of the Voiz Waffle. Jane fights back. Suddenly, her eyes blaze and laser beams shoot out and vaporizes Ake, preventing him from eating her Voiz Waffle. In the end, another friend enters the room and asks Jane if she has seen Ake. Jane stops vacuuming and we see the shattered pieces of Ake’s face and headset on the floor. She says nothing and continues eating her Voiz. After all, Voiz simply cannot be shared.