Vixen: Binoculars

Posted on October 10, 2016 in Press — Share this via





When Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo was commissioned by Vixen, one of the best Japanese binoculars and lenses manufacturer, to promote to a younger audience their star model Artes 8 x 42 and its powerful magnification capacity with seemingly no distortion, making for a perfect natural view afar, we knew the solution had to break away from the standard communication commonly seen in this category.

The solution was a poster campaign based on a series of images that shows in a spectacularly surreal way the natural benefit of Vixen binoculars – they transform your eyes in super lenses.
Each image shows a potential consumer in action, The Mountaineer, The Explorer and The Life Guard, in a stylized version of their natural environment, looking trough a giant pair of eyes in the shape of binoculars. An eye-catching metaphor showing that with Vixen your vision will reach much further.