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Sagawa Soy Sauce: Japanese Paintings

Soy Sauce was invented 600 years ago and is an essential condiment in Japanese cuisine. Sagawa Shoyu is the earliest manufacturer and located in Yanai City’s white walled historic district. The dedicated act of brewing in the traditional method has been taking place there since the Samurai era. Sagawa briefed us to create a series […]


Sagawa Soy Sauce: Japanese Paintings

Too much Soy Sauce can ruin the flavor of food, too little and the natural flavor isn’t enriched. With this principle in mind we engaged a Gyotaku artist (fish printer). He took just the right amounts of Sagawa Soy Sauce and used it as an ink on Washi paper to Illustrate the food. A calligrapher […]


Imytec/Canon: Celebrities

When briefed to create a campaign to express how Canon cameras and lenses are the best to take portraits, Ogilvy Tokyo tapped into the insight that today more then ever, we go out of our way to look great on the social platforms where we share the best of ourselves, trying to be as beautiful […]


Vixen: Binoculars

When Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo was commissioned by Vixen, one of the best Japanese binoculars and lenses manufacturer, to promote to a younger audience their star model Artes 8 x 42 and its powerful magnification capacity with seemingly no distortion, making for a perfect natural view afar, we knew the solution had to break away […]


Refugees International Japan: Refugees Collection

Refugees International Japan needs donations to fund its projects worldwide but collecting donations in Japan has always proven to be challenging. The refugee crisis is seen as a distant problem and rarely makes the news. So, if Japanese people weren’t reaching out to the problem, Ogilvy Tokyo decided to bring the problem to Japan with […]


Megamax/Moyai: Homeless Bed Collection

The number of homeless people in Japan is increasing year on year. Moreover, support is always hard to come by as homelessness is seen as a personal failure, the fate that one brings upon oneself. To raise awareness and donations to this ongoing crisis, Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo created for Megamax, Japan’s leading bed and […]


Adot: Lights

ADOT.COM raises awareness of the 93,000 homeless people all over the UK. ADOT.COM has just launched an integrated social campaign, highlighting the fact that, today more than ever, homelessness is all around us but at the same time no one seems to see it.