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PXMart Bag Collection ProjectsFeaturedImages

PX Mart: Bag Collection

In the eyes of Taiwan’s youth, PX Mart’s “affordable and down-to-earth” reputation seemed old and unstylish. So we gave cheap, commonplace PX Mart plastic grocery bags a radical makeover. By transforming them into a chic hand-crafted fashion handbag collection, we made saving money into a youthful fashion statement. The result was a hit, and store […]

Pxmart Hungry Ghost Festival ProjectsFeaturedImages

Pxmart: Hungry Ghost Festival

Whilst the western world has Halloween, the Chinese have the Hungry Ghost Festival. On the 7th month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese believe the souls of the dead leave the underworld to roam the earth seeking nourishment. If unappeased these souls get up to mischief, so people offer provisions to feed and appease the […]

Gas Mask

FET: My Future Is Mine To Save

To protest the serious air pollution plaguing Taiwan, more than 1,000 kids crafted artistic gas masks. These masks were taken to the streets in a protest and a white paper was presented to the government. News of the movement garnered global attention, and was even broadcasted in New York’s Times Square. Like an army that […]


PxMart: Vogue Of Thrift

How could an old-school retail chain positioned as a thrift store connect with fashion-forward youths? PxMart grocery stores transformed their ever-present plastic grocery bag into a glamorous fashion accessory. Fashionable millennials were invited to pose with the grocery bags — declaring the new generation’s standpoint on saving money. As a result, a dialogue was created, […]

Piano Donation

7-11: Piano Coin Donation

In Taiwan every 7-Eleven store has a charity donation box, but most customers simply don’t take notice. To make the public pay attention to these inconspicuous boxes and take the time to toss in their change, the Piano Coin Donation Box was invented. By simply dropping a coin in one of the slots, anyone could […]