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IBM Outthink Melanoma ProjectsFeaturedImages

IBM: Outthink Melanoma

Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It is our deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, the easiest to treat – survival rates can top 98%. The key is spotting melanoma early. So we invented the Watson Smart Mirror – a simple, engaging collection method. By standing in front of the mirror, Watson was able to […]

KFC $1 chips ProjectsFeaturedImages

KFC: $1 Chips

Using 18 behavioral science principals we came up with 90 different ways to say $1 chips. The top 5 were tested against a control ad on Facebook using a measure of unique clicks over reach. The winner was the principle called anchoring whereby initial exposure to a number serves as a reference point and influences […]

KFC Cutleries

KFC: Fish With Bite

For years the KFC spicy Zinger chicken fillet has been a favourite on the KFC menu. To broaden the product offering, KFC created a spicy Zinger coated Fish Fillet specially for the Australian market. Just like the chicken product, the Zinger Fish Fillets pack some real heat when eaten. The product was launched to bring […]