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SingTel: 99% SME

Our task is to humanise an abbreviation: SME, and give dignity and stature to a class of people that are inconspicuous to the point of invisible. The film ignites affection and empathy for the SME as we are made aware that the SME is, in fact, your neighbour and he works very hard to make […]


Twitter: First On Twitter

Twitter is news the way the world needs now – blow by blow accounts, as the news unfolds, from the guys who make it happen. It’s news for the “it’s happening now” world, unfiltered by personal opinions and media biases. Straight from the action and from the guys who’re creating it, it’s where the news […]

CANNES - Board Mums & Maids

TWC2: Mums and Maids

Approximately 40% of Singapore’s 222,500 domestic workers do not have a weekly day off, despite a law coming into effect in January 2013 making it mandatory.​ The two minute-long video features interviews with mothers, children and their maids. Through a series of questions and answers, we encouraged families to give foreign domestic workers their legal […]