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Alliance Française: Pitching French Films to Hollywood

French Films are great. They are nuanced, character-driven and soaked in the atmosphere. But, how do you promote them to a non-French audience who tend to prefer Hollywood blockbusters? This is the task Alliance Française, the leading network promoting French culture worldwide gave us. We needed to define French cinema and how unique it is […]

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Alliance Française: Pitching French Films to Hollywood

To promote French cinema to a non-French audience who tend to prefer Hollywood blockbusters, Alliance Française, the leading network promoting French culture worldwide needed to demonstrate that great films can be made without following usual Hollywood formulas. To do so, we pitched three films to Hollywood heavyweights. What they didn’t know is that these films […]

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Singtel: Data Exstream

In 2016, Singtel made some major upgrades to their 4G mobile network. To demonstrate its speed and reliability, we put it through a series of very unique tests where a second or two could prove disastrous. Three individuals: a national fencer, a stunt driver and an arcade enthusiast, were challenged to execute three precision stunts […]

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IBM: Cognitive Collection

IBM Watson is an AI system that works with humans. But many didn’t understand his capabilities or business applications. So, we chose an unexpected industry for Watson to work in: fashion. Using visual recognition, Watson analyzed over 500,000 images from fashion archives and photos from prominent Instagram users to provide insights on next season’s colors […]

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French Film Festival: Reclaim Your Intelligence

Every week, Singaporeans watch a lot of meaningless Hollywood blockbusters. There’s nothing bad about liking these movies, as they are fun. But, sometimes your brain needs to balance them with something more meaningful. The French Cinema is globally recognized as being more intellectual and ‘arty’. So, in order to attract a non-French audience to the […]

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Otterbox: Stupid People

The Otterbox Stupid-Proof campaign is based on the truth that a mobile phone left on its own is perfectly safe. Unfortunately, mobile phones have owners. These owners are people. And people in the name of bravery, adventure, creativity and innovation, do really stupid things, constantly endangering their mobile phones. Inspired by the famous photographer Martin […]

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Lego: The Shape of Imagination

To demonstrate the power of imagination, we created a set of multi-dimensional Lego installations to show different images depending on how you look at it. Each installation appears to be nothing more than an abstract Lego sculpture. By combining perception-based lighting and 41 883 Lego bricks, the amorphous shadows evolve into three distinct forms.

Singtel Firecracker

Singtel: Firecracker

When the Singapore government imposed a ban on firecrackers in March 1972, they put an end to a tradition for millions of Singaporean Chinese. We introduced Singtel Firecracker — the world’s first co-created firecracker with mobile phones. To begin, people just had to visit the web app on singtelfirecracker.com with their mobile device and tap […]


Oogachaga: Snapchat From The Closet

Singapore is proud to be one of the most developed countries in the world and still, you might be committing a criminal offence for being gay. Section 377A of the penal code criminalises gay sex. Local schools offer no inclusive sexual education. Gay teens are 4 times more prone to depression and suicide attempts. How […]


Singtel: Data ExStream

To demonstrate the performance of Singtel’s mobile network, we put it through a series of very unique tests. 3 individuals, 3 precision challenges. Question is: Can they do it with the mobile network over their eyes?


The Life Foundation: Poems From The Womb

  Every year 700 000 babies in Asia are aborted just because they are little girls. This heart-breaking radio campaign aims to stop gendercide, the killing of female fetuses, prevalent in India, Vietnam and many developing countries.