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Savlon: Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks

Millions of children across rural India still don’t have the habit of using soap while washing hands. They believe water is enough. Countless children succumb to diseases such as diarrhea owing to this neglect. Savlon, one of India’s popular health & hygiene brands, gave a simple solution that worked like a charm. Primary grade students […]


Sprouts: God Save The Ocean

During the Ganesha festival, millions of Lord Ganesha idols are immersed in the sea as per tradition. Most of these idols are made of toxic materials like Plaster of Paris, lead, zinc and mercury, which pollute the sea and kill the fish. As a solution, Ogilvy Mumbai created innovative Ganesha idols out of vegetarian fish […]


Rajasthan Tourism: Mooch Logo

People’s perception about Rajasthan had been reduced to forts and palaces. However, this one-dimensional image was far removed from its vibrant reality; which includes culture, wildlife and rich history. So the idea was to create a logo that reminded people of its diversity. Hence, we combined the two most ubiquitous visuals of desert: camels and […]


Pidilite: Govinda

Fevicol has always stood for ultimate bonding, bonding beyond its physical manifestations, bonding of culture and humanity. And this ad redefined the idea of bonding. The film took the festival of Govinda, (Lord Krishna’s birthday) which is celebrated across the country. People make human pyramids to climb and break the clay pot which is symbolic of […]


Postpickle: For A Sister

In India, ‘Behenchod’ (Sisterfucker) is one of the most common and widely used cuss words. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the specialness of the brother-sister relationship, the brother usually gives a gift to the sister. This sister asks her brother for a unique gift. The film encourages brothers to take […]

Beauty Tips

Make Love Not Scars: Beauty Tips By Reshma

In India, acid attack is one of the most heinous crimes against women. It not only inflicts harm on the female body, but also her psychological senses. Nearly 11 000 cases of acid attacks have been reported in the country in March 2014. Acid is cheap and readily available to the public at any corner […]

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Cadbury: 5 Star Buffering

Due to low internet speeds in India, YouTube videos take a long time to load. Using YouTube’s buffering wheel, Cadbury 5 Star made this pre-roll film to show the viewers the real reason why YouTube videos take time to load.