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AAMI: Smartplates

AAMI, Australia’s leading insurance company knew young drivers were the most at-risk. However, the way they learn to drive hasn’t changed in 50 years – pen, paper and an old-fashioned logbook. AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive and raise a safer generation of drivers. AAMI SmartPlates is […]


AAMI: Ride Of The AAMIs

AAMI is an insurance company that has always held a special place in the hearts of Australians. For the first time in history, the recognisable ‘AAMI girl’ (a smiling woman that has appeared at the end of every AAMI commercial for over 30 years) and her colleagues come out from behind their desks to star in our campaign, […]

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Laminex: Peacock and Diamonds/Midnight and Moose

The campaign aims to reposition the Laminex brand, and communicate through a variety of executions that Laminex creates amazing results in any space, and on any surface–even with combinations that are unexpected.