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Ash Be Nimble: Dyetonator

Snatch theft is a rampant threat in Malaysia. Victims have been severely injured or even killed as a result of these attacks. The most common target is women. But as culprits strike fast and disappear on motorbikes, catching them becomes next to impossible. Ash Be Nimble, a homegrown sportswear brand, wanted to go the extra […]

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Allianz: Robbery

“It will never happen to me.” That’s what most of us think when it comes to misfortunes. But the fact is: bad things will never happen to you until they happen to you. Allianz Insurance wanted to remind people of this and urge them to get the right protection before it is too late. After […]


My Teksi: Find Our Children

In 2013, 4,998 cases of missing children were reported with 2,616 children still missing. Taxis outnumber police cars 10 to 1, and are on duty at all hours of the day and night. They were an untapped source of eyes and ears on the ground to help find Malaysia’s missing children as quickly as possible. […]