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Amnesty International: Every Freedom Needs a Fighter

In October 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers were abducted for selling controversial books. Only 4 have returned. To prevent this kind of oppression, we needed to get Hong Kong behind freedom of expression. So we did the unthinkable, publishing controversial literature and selling it. With one small difference, it was all redacted. And typographic posters […]

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MTV-Staying Alive Foundation: #Dick The Dog

Teenagers are one of the few demographics in which the HIV rate is rising. Born after the major campaigns of the 90s, and shock tactics don’t resonate with them – as AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Simply telling them to stop having sex is pointless and actively causes them to disengage with a […]


KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good

KFC’s classic slogan – ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ was coming back to Hong Kong. To raise awareness we created limited edition KFC edible nail polish (Available in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy). Not only did it put the brand back on everyone’s lips in Hong Kong, this little promotional PR stunt was heard around the […]


Hong Kong Shark Foundation: Congratulations

Seeing blood on your wedding day is taboo – so we created a wedding video with a twist to remind people of the cruel facts behind shark fin soup and that for every wedding in Hong Kong serving it, on average 30 sharks have to die. The film pulls no punches in demonstrating the horrific […]


Nike: WeChat+

Young women in Hong Kong are often faced with many challenges. They have big aspirations; but the different pressures of society often become their barriers, preventing them from reaching their goals. We want women to realise how running can be empowering to them both physically and mentally. Merging two of the most popular apps in […]

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Nike: Air Max 95 Collectables

Nike Air Max 95 is one of the most iconic and sought after sneakers of all time. Twenty years on from the original launch, they were being launched again here in Hong Kong. Tapping into the mid-90’s craze of collecting exclusive trading cards and limited edition sneakers, local artists created a specially designed series of […]


Pizza Hut: Blockbuster Box

Pizza Hut thinks it can do more than just bring food to your front door. It wants to deliver your entertainment for the evening, too. At least, that’s the case in Hong Kong, where the pizza chain is delivering some pizzas in specially-designed boxes that convert into pseudo movie projectors.

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Hong Kong Cleanup: The Face of Litter

The faces of litterbugs are being plastered on billboards across Hong Kong after a campaign group collected the DNA from rubbish dropped in the street. The ‘most wanted’ posters, which feature e-fits created by a forensics company using extracts taken from chewing gum, cigarette butts and a condom, are being put up at bus stops […]