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Pornkasem Clinic: Lalin

Despite massive online fame, Lalin, however, is not satisfied with her lot in life. She struggles to accept her true self and seek inner peace. That void in her heart, is owing to an absolute mismatch between her online and offline persona. Lies ultimately become her life. This short film explores the relationship between social […]

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Cera: Cave Man

Household issues have been around forever. Today, however, every problem can be solved with Crocodile brand products.


AudioGear: Ferry/Small Plane/Bus/Big Plane

With the ability to cancel 85% of ambient noise, we use humour to highlight the effectiveness of AudioGear noise-cancelling headphones in situations of high noise pollution.

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Noble: Define The Difference

Noble Development is a leading property developer in Thailand, well-known for its unique take on architecture. Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok were briefed to create gift sets to represent Noble’s uncompromising approach in consistently applying its “be different” design philosophy over 20 projects and 25 years. Each of the 8 gift set designs they created were […]


Pornkasem: Face For Sale

Pornkasem Clinic used people with various skin problems and turned them into human billboards for thirty days. In exchange, these people got free skin treatments.