Seub Nakhasathien Foundation: Jigsaw

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Design, Digital, Direct, Film, Outdoor, PR, Promo & Activation — Share this via

We used the occasion of International Day of Forests to create a limited edition jigsaw puzzle. On the outside of the box is a beautiful image of a lush and beautiful tropical rainforest. However, during the 3 hours, it takes to assemble the jigsaw, the audience sees a tragic picture of a destroyed forest with only tree stumps and dead land. The jigsaw reveals the fact that, in the 3 hours it takes to complete the puzzle, 138 soccer fields of rainforest will have been deforested. The jigsaw puzzles were sent to Thai opinion leaders calling for their support in spreading awareness of this critical issue to the general public, and to ask for donations to be used to support the forest rangers and increase their effectiveness in the wild to reassembled the shattered state of Thailand rainforests.