Center For Psychological Research: Words Can Be Weapons

Beijing Hall of Fame, Integrated

We got six juvenile delinquents, all male, between the ages of 16 and 18, from the Shenyang Detention Center to narrate their stories. These delinquents were doing time for crimes ranging from murder to causing grievous bodily harm.

Artists then transformed the abusive words that had deeply scarred these young men during their childhood into the same weapons that they used to commit crimes in later years.

The words that were used to create the weapons were:
猪脑子 Moron
废物 You’re garbage
就知道吃 All you know is stuffing your face
丢人 You’re a disgrace.
是人就比你强 You’re good for nothing.
怎么不去死 Go away and die.

The weapons were made of nickel-plated steel, to actual size so that they looked and felt like real weapons. We also made digital versions of the weapons for use on interactive touch screens.