Unilever: All Things Hair

Manila Effectiveness

To win the hair care war, we knew that we needed to change our battle cry. From talking about our brands’ superiority, we needed to re-focus our efforts on what matters most to our consumers.

We turned to search to learn more about what’s keeping our consumers up at night. As it turns out, finding the perfect hairstyle is one of their top-of-mind concerns. According to Google, there are 5M searches around this category in the Philippines monthly. And there is no single brand or content portal addressing these queries locally.

Using the insight on search behaviour as our secret weapon, we embarked on the journey of creating the first integrated branded content and e-commerce portal for All Things Hair.

All Things Hair innovated how Unilever engaged consumers online. Instead of using demographics to define a target market, they put search intent at the heart of their digital strategy. Instead of having single-brand campaigns, we created a total hair portfolio platform for the first time ever.