Singtel: SME

Singapore Film

Our task is to humanise an abbreviation: SME, and give dignity and stature to a class of people that are inconspicuous to the point of invisible. The film ignites affection and empathy for the SME as we are made aware that the SME is, in fact, your neighbour and he works very hard to make your life comfortable. They are the common man and woman who work hard for us, our family and the overall good of society.

The film, in essence, is pin-sharp, consists of super real portraits and a photographic study of the small businessman. We catch the small businessman in his element and in the glory of the moment.

We portray the small businessman as the unpretentious son of the soil and salt of the earth whose callous hands keep the wheel of our economy turning. They are working hard not to impress anyone, but to do their job as well and as sincerely as they can. We strive to be as authentic and unvarnished as possible. And as far away from poisey, saccharine sweet, cheesy-goodness that advertising imageries generally trade in. We want the small businessman to come across like the Shakers who used to make the unseen, backside of cupboards as beautifully as the front, most visible part of the furniture.

In this way, we give the small businessman of Singapore the pride, dignity and stature they deserve so that Singaporeans will be rallied to act by pledging their support for the SME.