SingTel: Firecracker

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When the Singapore government imposed a ban on firecrackers in March 1972, they put an end to a tradition for millions of Singaporean Chinese.

We introduced Singtel Firecracker — the world’s first co-created firecracker with mobile phones. To begin, people just had to visit the web app on with their mobile device and tap start. Then get their friends and family to join in by scanning the QR code. Chain the phones up and they were all set to go. Now, they just light it up.

Sequentially, each mobile phone plays a 5-second moving image of a lit up firecracker. With precise calculations in timing, the web app was programmed so mobile phones were able to anticipate when the clip on the previous phone was ending and when to trigger the firecracker on their own screens. This helped Singtel Firecrackers achieve a seamless, continuous roar of a real firecracker.