Nestle: Commerce to Individual

Beijing Effectiveness

China’s e-commerce is growing double-digit. China’s biggest shopping day “Double 11,” in 2015 reported sales equivalent to 5 times of ‘Black Friday and Cyber Monday’ in the US. Mobile transactions contributed 68% of total Double 11 sales (source: Alibaba).

While online consumers are frustrated of not finding what they want, brands are also facing the challenge of not converting shoppers into buyers due to impersonal, one-for-all shopping experience.

“A Thousand People, A Thousand Faces” campaign was designed for Nestle online Tmall store combining big data and customer engagement design to enable personalized shopping experience — optimising purchase conversion and brand experience.

Nestle was able to create an intimate, one-to-one engagement to shoppers that resulted in significant sales conversion uplift of at least 60% (source: Alibaba).