Milo: Champions Band & App

Manila Effectiveness

Filipino kids love their screens. And their increasingly sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise is leading to real health problems, with childhood obesity increasing compared to the past years. While moms want their kids to be healthy, they simply do not have the tools to prise them away from their screens.

MILO was determined to tackle this problem head on. Its energy proposition and strong sports equity have always made it a champion of learning through sports. But this proposition was losing relevance with screen-obsessed kids and homework-focused moms. Market share had plateaued at 93%.

Instead of treating technology as a problem, we treated it as a solution.

MILO Champions Band and App was birthed — a wearable technology and mobile application that ‘gamed up’ kids activity, turning real world activity into rewarding on-screen experience — enabling moms to track the balance of nutrition and activity. The technology was rolled out in MILO’s Summer Sports Clinics, evolving this on-ground asset into a service that earned the appreciation of moms.