Diu Tourism: Ilha De Calma

Mumbai Effectiveness

While bulk of Indian tourists were visiting always popular states like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, Diu was falling short in attracting visitors. These states were advertising heavily but Diu had not promoted itself even once.

Diu, tucked away in the southern extremity of Gujarat, this far flung location keeps this island out of sight and hence out of mind for most Indians. The tourism numbers witnessed a decline of 3% in 2014 over the previous year. For a tiny island we had a huge challenge before us — to differentiate Diu from the giant states with deep pockets who were luring tourists with the usual spiel of ‘so-much-to-see, so-much-to-do’.

This case video shows how we placed an unheard of tiny Indian island on every domestic tourist map in just 6 months with a budget that was 25% of its competitors.

Our campaign broke destination tourism clichés, made Diu aspirational which resulted in doubling tourist visits post campaign at less than one-fourth of competitive spends.