Comfort: SoftTest

Singapore Branded Content, Cannes 2015, Hall of Fame, Promo


Mothers are saturated by different messages across all media channels. All baby related brands are trying to tell them what their baby wants and what they should give them, and why; as the fabric softener brand that’s absolutely certain of providing the ultimate softness for sensitive skin, this saturation of similar messages became a great opportunity. Instead of talking to mothers about their babies’ needs, Comfort became the first brand to let babies tell their mothers that what they truly care about is, softness.

So we created the SoftTest: a live-streaming game show where babies got to choose between two objects. One very soft, and one not so soft… but very expensive and therefore attractive to their parents. Whichever the babies touched, the family could take home.

The game was launched in 3 countries over 32 episodes and became a cultural phenomenon in South East Asia. With 92% of babies choosing the soft item, Comfort Pure demonstrated that babies will prefer softness over anything else.