MTV-Staying Alive Foundation: #Dick The Dog

Posted on April 4, 2017 in Film — Share this via

Teenagers are one of the few demographics in which the HIV rate is rising. Born after the major campaigns of the 90s, and shock tactics don’t resonate with them – as AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Simply telling them to stop having sex is pointless and actively causes them to disengage with a cause. To position MTV as an understanding ally, we created a film spreading a positive message: that you can have more sex and more fun, when you wear a condom. We brought this to life through a disarmingly simple tale of a dog called Dick, with a special suit that allows him to explore as many holes as he likes. This colloquial film rolled out across MTV’s channels and social media globally, promoting having sex, but doing it safely, in a way teens could relate to and engage with.