Make Love Not Scars: Skills Not Scars

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Digital, Direct, Film, PR, Promo & Activation — Share this via

The pain of an acid attack carries on for a lifetime. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a scarred face makes people feel uncomfortable. We wanted to challenge and change this. The first and best way forward was to find appropriate employment for them. But society was not ready to even look at them, let alone work beside them. This bitter truth was the seed that led us to create the world’s first job portal for acid attack survivors – #SkillNotScars. The creative idea was the way we presented survivor CVs. Instead of written CVs we made ‘VIDEO CVs’. So that employers faced the survivors who were ready to face the world. The video CVs ended with a link that took potential employers to the job site where they could take an in-depth look at multiple survivor profiles and hire them.