KFC: You Eat They Eat

Posted on May 8, 2017 in Outdoor, Press — Share this via

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Yum-You Eat They Eat-Ashish & Sony

Yum-You Eat They Eat-Chicky & Tim

Yum-You Eat They Eat-John & Nina

Yum-You Eat They Eat-Kanchan & Budu

Yum-You Eat They Eat-Rina & Chotu

The poster campaign ‘You eat. They eat.’ was designed to spread awareness of the ADD HOPE initiative launched by KFC. In India, even today, millions of underprivileged children go hungry every day. KFC through its Add Hope initiative was providing a meal to underprivileged kids each time they sold a meal. They wanted a conversation around this initiative and if possible, invoke participation from people.