Our best work hasn’t been done yet.

Now, just in case anyone thinks that’s a rather negative way to start an introduction to the very best of Ogilvy Asia Pacific, allow me to qualify it:

There’s some truly amazing stuff on this site. Much too much to mention any single one by name. There are films which have won multiple awards; print ads that have had massive cut-through in their respected markets; integrated work that’s made the brand it advertises famous – and therefore earned the right to call itself truly effective advertising.

But the wonderful thing about this business is that we can always do better. The work we’ve already done merely sets the bar for the work to come.

And when I say “we”, I mean both Ogilvy and our clients. Because this site isn’t merely a celebration of our own creativity. It’s also a way of recognising the clients who were prepared to champion the work as well. Every step of the way from concept to the finished article. So to those people who shared our creative vision and became true partners to the agency – thank you.

This is very much your work as much as it is ours.

Please enjoy it. As I said, there’s some great work on this site. But, with the help of everyone who views it, we can unveil an even better one on your next visit.

Eugene Cheong
Chief Creative Officer
Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific