IBM: Outthink Melanoma

Posted on May 16, 2017 in Design, Digital, Direct, Featured, Film, Outdoor, PR, Promo & Activation, Uncategorized — Share this via

Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It is our deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, the easiest to treat – survival rates can top 98%. The key is spotting melanoma early. So we invented the Watson Smart Mirror – a simple, engaging collection method. By standing in front of the mirror, Watson was able to do a simple analysis on their age and gender and sunscreen coverage. Where their risk profile warranted, they were then referred to a melanoma skin specialist in the booth next door – where hi-resolution photograph were taken of their moles. And, in some cases, further treatment was recommended. We also drove Australians to share their melanoma story on social media. Every tweet, post and photo built our understanding of the disease and, ultimately, helped us outthink melanoma.