Focus: Cataract Patients

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Film, Promo & Activation — Share this via

This online short film is about 2 people accidentally meeting one night. One person wants to be blind, and the other is about to go blind. A famous, young photographer is a fading star as his failing vision deteriorates into blindness. He accidentally encounters his ex-girlfriend who has a freshly broken heart and has seen things so painful she wants to go blind. After a night of heartsickness and drunkenness, they embark on a confused, out-of-focus trip together. The trip recalls an unclear past relationship that leads to an emotional conclusion. Without focused eyesight, their love, instead, comes into focus. He realizes the importance of what he is about to lose forever and his blurry feelings become focused and clear. At the end of the film, we invited the audience to help cataract patients by making donations.