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Cannes Lions 2017

Kim Kardashian is all into health right now, not style. She wants nothing but topic . for the particular she is carrying, and she or he vows to accomplish everything top. No crazy fad diets for Kim, but she does have adidas yeezy boost 350 a secret weapon, reveals Us magazine on Wednesday, Jan. 5. […]

IBM Outthink Melanoma ProjectsFeaturedImages

IBM: Outthink Melanoma

Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It is our deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, the easiest to treat – survival rates can top 98%. The key is spotting melanoma early. So we invented the Watson Smart Mirror – a simple, engaging collection method. By standing in front of the mirror, Watson was able to […]

Pxmart Hungry Ghost Festival ProjectsFeaturedImages

Pxmart: Hungry Ghost Festival

Whilst the western world has Halloween, the Chinese have the Hungry Ghost Festival. On the 7th month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese believe the souls of the dead leave the underworld to roam the earth seeking nourishment. If unappeased these souls get up to mischief, so people offer provisions to feed and appease the […]

One Show 2017

One Show 2017 – Ogilvy Asia Pacific Winners

D&AD 2017

D&AD 2017 – Ogilvy Asia Pacific Winners

AAMI-SmartPlates ProjectsFeaturedImages

AAMI: Smartplates

AAMI, Australia’s leading insurance company knew young drivers were the most at-risk. However, the way they learn to drive hasn’t changed in 50 years – pen, paper and an old-fashioned logbook. AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive and raise a safer generation of drivers. AAMI SmartPlates is […]

Cannes Lions 2016

Cannes Lions 2016 – Ogilvy Asia Pacific Winners

D&AD 2016

D&AD 2016 – Ogilvy Asia Pacific Winners

One Show 2016

  One Show 2016 – Ogilvy Asia Pacific Winners