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Sintel Data Exstream ProjectsFeaturedImages

Singtel: Data Exstream

In 2016, Singtel made some major upgrades to their 4G mobile network. To demonstrate its speed and reliability, we put it through a series of very unique tests where a second or two could prove disastrous. Three individuals: a national fencer, a stunt driver and an arcade enthusiast, were challenged to execute three precision stunts […]


Amnesty International: Every Freedom Needs a Fighter

In October 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers were abducted for selling controversial books. Only 4 have returned. To prevent this kind of oppression, we needed to get Hong Kong behind freedom of expression. So we did the unthinkable, publishing controversial literature and selling it. With one small difference, it was all redacted. And typographic posters […]

AAMI-SmartPlates ProjectsFeaturedImages

AAMI: Smartplates

AAMI, Australia’s leading insurance company knew young drivers were the most at-risk. However, the way they learn to drive hasn’t changed in 50 years – pen, paper and an old-fashioned logbook. AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive and raise a safer generation of drivers. AAMI SmartPlates is […]


KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good

KFC’s classic slogan – ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ was coming back to Hong Kong. To raise awareness we created limited edition KFC edible nail polish (Available in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy). Not only did it put the brand back on everyone’s lips in Hong Kong, this little promotional PR stunt was heard around the […]


Sprouts: God Save The Ocean

During the Ganesha festival, millions of Lord Ganesha idols are immersed in the sea as per tradition. Most of these idols are made of toxic materials like Plaster of Paris, lead, zinc and mercury, which pollute the sea and kill the fish. As a solution, Ogilvy Mumbai created innovative Ganesha idols out of vegetarian fish […]


Megamax/Moyai: Homeless Bed Collection

The number of homeless people in Japan is increasing year on year. Moreover, support is always hard to come by as homelessness is seen as a personal failure, the fate that one brings upon oneself. To raise awareness and donations to this ongoing crisis, Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo created for Megamax, Japan’s leading bed and […]

Gas Mask

FET: My Future Is Mine To Save

To protest the serious air pollution plaguing Taiwan, more than 1,000 kids crafted artistic gas masks. These masks were taken to the streets in a protest and a white paper was presented to the government. News of the movement garnered global attention, and was even broadcasted in New York’s Times Square. Like an army that […]


PETA: Behind The Leather

With PETA’s objective to end the use of exotic skin, we aimed to get people who are blinded by luxury beauty to realize the animal suffering behind this brutal trade. We brought animal cruelty to light in a place most familiar to those craving for beauty in exotic leather. A luxury boutique store displaying a […]

Nike Air

Nike: Air Max 95 Collectables

Nike Air Max 95 is one of the most iconic and sought after sneakers of all time. Twenty years on from the original launch, they were being launched again here in Hong Kong. Tapping into the mid-90’s craze of collecting exclusive trading cards and limited edition sneakers, local artists created a specially designed series of […]


Adot: Lights

ADOT.COM raises awareness of the 93,000 homeless people all over the UK. ADOT.COM has just launched an integrated social campaign, highlighting the fact that, today more than ever, homelessness is all around us but at the same time no one seems to see it.


Pornkasem: Face For Sale

Pornkasem Clinic used people with various skin problems and turned them into human billboards for thirty days. In exchange, these people got free skin treatments.


Visit Britain: Great Chinese Names for Great Britain

To the Chinese, London landmark the Gherkin is “the pickled little cucumber” and the Beatles are “gentlemen with long hair”. But there are scores of British attractions, traditions and points of interest that do not have Chinese names, posing a problem for UK tourism chiefs. In a bid to overcome this obstacle whilst at the […]