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Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum: The Humble Greatness of Gandhi

The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum is one of the most important historic buildings in India. It is the very house where Gandhi lived and planned his campaigns of non-violent resistance that brought our independence. The house is now preserved as a museum. Despite its massive historic importance to our nation, awareness is low, especially among […]


Imytec/Canon: Celebrities

When briefed to create a campaign to express how Canon cameras and lenses are the best to take portraits, Ogilvy Tokyo tapped into the insight that today more then ever, we go out of our way to look great on the social platforms where we share the best of ourselves, trying to be as beautiful […]


Vixen: Binoculars

When Ogilvy & Mather Tokyo was commissioned by Vixen, one of the best Japanese binoculars and lenses manufacturer, to promote to a younger audience their star model Artes 8 x 42 and its powerful magnification capacity with seemingly no distortion, making for a perfect natural view afar, we knew the solution had to break away […]

KFC Cutleries

KFC: Fish With Bite

For years the KFC spicy Zinger chicken fillet has been a favourite on the KFC menu. To broaden the product offering, KFC created a spicy Zinger coated Fish Fillet specially for the Australian market. Just like the chicken product, the Zinger Fish Fillets pack some real heat when eaten. The product was launched to bring […]


Alcohol Anonymous: Get Back

Alcohol dependency not only affects a person’s life, but also the people around them. This campaign from Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand illustrates that insight by showing how alcohol separates you from your job, your friends and your family. Even though alcohol addiction seems overwhelming, with the help of AA, there is a way back. 


AudioGear: Ferry/Small Plane/Bus/Big Plane

With the ability to cancel 85% of ambient noise, we use humour to highlight the effectiveness of AudioGear noise-cancelling headphones in situations of high noise pollution.