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French Film Festival: Reclaim Your Intelligence

Every week, Singaporeans watch a lot of meaningless Hollywood blockbusters. There’s nothing bad about liking these movies, as they are fun. But, sometimes your brain needs to balance them with something more meaningful. The French Cinema is globally recognized as being more intellectual and ‘arty’. So, in order to attract a non-French audience to the […]


Focus Film: Screen Addiction

People spend long hours on their tablets, mobile phones, and handheld game consoles. Blue rays emitted from those screens can be detrimental to our eyes. With blue light cut technology in Focus screen protector, blue ray is effectively filtered to protect users from these harmful rays. The product performance is illustrated through heavy screen users […]


Twitter: First On Twitter

Twitter is news the way the world needs now – blow by blow accounts, as the news unfolds, from the guys who make it happen. It’s news for the “it’s happening now” world, unfiltered by personal opinions and media biases. Straight from the action and from the guys who’re creating it, it’s where the news […]