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Pitching FF to Hollywood ProjectsFeaturedImages

Alliance Française: Pitching French Films to Hollywood

To promote French cinema to a non-French audience who tend to prefer Hollywood blockbusters, Alliance Française, the leading network promoting French culture worldwide needed to demonstrate that great films can be made without following usual Hollywood formulas. To do so, we pitched three films to Hollywood heavyweights. What they didn’t know is that these films […]

Sintel Data Exstream ProjectsFeaturedImages

Singtel: Data Exstream

In 2016, Singtel made some major upgrades to their 4G mobile network. To demonstrate its speed and reliability, we put it through a series of very unique tests where a second or two could prove disastrous. Three individuals: a national fencer, a stunt driver and an arcade enthusiast, were challenged to execute three precision stunts […]

dig the dog ProjectsFeaturedImages

MTV-Staying Alive Foundation: #Dick The Dog

Teenagers are one of the few demographics in which the HIV rate is rising. Born after the major campaigns of the 90s, and shock tactics don’t resonate with them – as AIDS is no longer a death sentence. Simply telling them to stop having sex is pointless and actively causes them to disengage with a […]


Thai Life Insurance: Opportunity

Opportunity for many is the chance to create opportunities for others. This film takes us on an emotional journey as the story unfolds to show how the main character has learnt first-hand how to appreciate the value of life and use her own experiences to better the lives of others.


Hong Kong Shark Foundation: Congratulations

Seeing blood on your wedding day is taboo – so we created a wedding video with a twist to remind people of the cruel facts behind shark fin soup and that for every wedding in Hong Kong serving it, on average 30 sharks have to die. The film pulls no punches in demonstrating the horrific […]


Shutterstock: Fake Study

With awards season in full swing, Shutterstock wanted to remind the advertising industry everywhere that they have all the stock footage they need to create entertaining case study videos for awards submissions. Proving that you can make anything up with Shutterstock. Ogilvy Hong Kong created three fake case study videos for Shutterstock, using nothing but […]


Pidilite: Govinda

Fevicol has always stood for ultimate bonding, bonding beyond its physical manifestations, bonding of culture and humanity. And this ad redefined the idea of bonding. The film took the festival of Govinda, (Lord Krishna’s birthday) which is celebrated across the country. People make human pyramids to climb and break the clay pot which is symbolic of […]


AAMI: Ride Of The AAMIs

AAMI is an insurance company that has always held a special place in the hearts of Australians. For the first time in history, the recognisable ‘AAMI girl’ (a smiling woman that has appeared at the end of every AAMI commercial for over 30 years) and her colleagues come out from behind their desks to star in our campaign, […]


SingTel: 99% SME

Our task is to humanise an abbreviation: SME, and give dignity and stature to a class of people that are inconspicuous to the point of invisible. The film ignites affection and empathy for the SME as we are made aware that the SME is, in fact, your neighbour and he works very hard to make […]


Postpickle: For A Sister

In India, ‘Behenchod’ (Sisterfucker) is one of the most common and widely used cuss words. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the specialness of the brother-sister relationship, the brother usually gives a gift to the sister. This sister asks her brother for a unique gift. The film encourages brothers to take […]

Beauty Tips

Make Love Not Scars: Beauty Tips By Reshma

In India, acid attack is one of the most heinous crimes against women. It not only inflicts harm on the female body, but also her psychological senses. Nearly 11 000 cases of acid attacks have been reported in the country in March 2014. Acid is cheap and readily available to the public at any corner […]