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IBM Outthink Melanoma ProjectsFeaturedImages

IBM: Outthink Melanoma

Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It is our deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, the easiest to treat – survival rates can top 98%. The key is spotting melanoma early. So we invented the Watson Smart Mirror – a simple, engaging collection method. By standing in front of the mirror, Watson was able to […]

KFC $1 chips ProjectsFeaturedImages

KFC: $1 Chips

Using 18 behavioral science principals we came up with 90 different ways to say $1 chips. The top 5 were tested against a control ad on Facebook using a measure of unique clicks over reach. The winner was the principle called anchoring whereby initial exposure to a number serves as a reference point and influences […]

Pxmart Hungry Ghost Festival ProjectsFeaturedImages

Pxmart: Hungry Ghost Festival

Whilst the western world has Halloween, the Chinese have the Hungry Ghost Festival. On the 7th month of the lunar calendar, the Chinese believe the souls of the dead leave the underworld to roam the earth seeking nourishment. If unappeased these souls get up to mischief, so people offer provisions to feed and appease the […]

AAMI-SmartPlates ProjectsFeaturedImages

AAMI: Smartplates

AAMI, Australia’s leading insurance company knew young drivers were the most at-risk. However, the way they learn to drive hasn’t changed in 50 years – pen, paper and an old-fashioned logbook. AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive and raise a safer generation of drivers. AAMI SmartPlates is […]

IBM Watson ProjectsFeaturedImages

IBM: Cognitive Collection

IBM Watson is an AI system that works with humans. But many didn’t understand his capabilities or business applications. So, we chose an unexpected industry for Watson to work in: fashion. Using visual recognition, Watson analyzed over 500,000 images from fashion archives and photos from prominent Instagram users to provide insights on next season’s colors […]


Refugees International Japan: Refugees Collection

Refugees International Japan needs donations to fund its projects worldwide but collecting donations in Japan has always proven to be challenging. The refugee crisis is seen as a distant problem and rarely makes the news. So, if Japanese people weren’t reaching out to the problem, Ogilvy Tokyo decided to bring the problem to Japan with […]

Singtel Firecracker

Singtel: Firecracker

When the Singapore government imposed a ban on firecrackers in March 1972, they put an end to a tradition for millions of Singaporean Chinese. We introduced Singtel Firecracker — the world’s first co-created firecracker with mobile phones. To begin, people just had to visit the web app on with their mobile device and tap […]

Gas Mask

FET: My Future Is Mine To Save

To protest the serious air pollution plaguing Taiwan, more than 1,000 kids crafted artistic gas masks. These masks were taken to the streets in a protest and a white paper was presented to the government. News of the movement garnered global attention, and was even broadcasted in New York’s Times Square. Like an army that […]


PxMart: Vogue Of Thrift

How could an old-school retail chain positioned as a thrift store connect with fashion-forward youths? PxMart grocery stores transformed their ever-present plastic grocery bag into a glamorous fashion accessory. Fashionable millennials were invited to pose with the grocery bags — declaring the new generation’s standpoint on saving money. As a result, a dialogue was created, […]

Piano Donation

7-11: Piano Coin Donation

In Taiwan every 7-Eleven store has a charity donation box, but most customers simply don’t take notice. To make the public pay attention to these inconspicuous boxes and take the time to toss in their change, the Piano Coin Donation Box was invented. By simply dropping a coin in one of the slots, anyone could […]

Seed Book

Knorr: Seed Book

Government research indicates that vegetable eating in the Philippines is at an all-time low, contributing to four million undernourished children. Studies also show that when kids are involved in preparing vegetable dishes, they are more likely to eat them. So we turned a popular folk song about vegetables into a book. By embedding seeds in […]