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IBM: Cognitive Collection

IBM Watson is an AI system that works with humans. But many didn’t understand his capabilities or business applications. So, we chose an unexpected industry for Watson to work in: fashion. Using visual recognition, Watson analyzed over 500,000 images from fashion archives and photos from prominent Instagram users to provide insights on next season’s colors […]


Maxis: SOS Network

2014/2015 saw Malaysia’s worst floods in living memory. With no power or telco network, people couldn’t call for help. So we created the Maxis S.O.S. Network, a portable battery-powered mesh network that keeps people connected – no app needed, any phone, any carrier.

Singtel Firecracker

Singtel: Firecracker

When the Singapore government imposed a ban on firecrackers in March 1972, they put an end to a tradition for millions of Singaporean Chinese. We introduced Singtel Firecracker — the world’s first co-created firecracker with mobile phones. To begin, people just had to visit the web app on with their mobile device and tap […]


Oogachaga: Snapchat From The Closet

Singapore is proud to be one of the most developed countries in the world and still, you might be committing a criminal offence for being gay. Section 377A of the penal code criminalises gay sex. Local schools offer no inclusive sexual education. Gay teens are 4 times more prone to depression and suicide attempts. How […]


My Teksi: Find Our Children

In 2013, 4,998 cases of missing children were reported with 2,616 children still missing. Taxis outnumber police cars 10 to 1, and are on duty at all hours of the day and night. They were an untapped source of eyes and ears on the ground to help find Malaysia’s missing children as quickly as possible. […]


Singtel: Data ExStream

To demonstrate the performance of Singtel’s mobile network, we put it through a series of very unique tests. 3 individuals, 3 precision challenges. Question is: Can they do it with the mobile network over their eyes?


Nike: WeChat+

Young women in Hong Kong are often faced with many challenges. They have big aspirations; but the different pressures of society often become their barriers, preventing them from reaching their goals. We want women to realise how running can be empowering to them both physically and mentally. Merging two of the most popular apps in […]