Amnesty International: Every Freedom Needs a Fighter

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Outdoor, PR, Promo & Activation — Share this via

In October 2015, five Hong Kong booksellers were abducted for selling controversial books. Only 4 have returned.
To prevent this kind of oppression, we needed to get Hong Kong behind freedom of expression. So we did the unthinkable, publishing controversial literature and selling it. With one small difference, it was all redacted. And typographic posters of Hong Kong’s Basic Law article 27 were dissected to reveal these voices of dissent. The bookstore sold out in two days, and the campaign raised over a million dollars. Reminding people that the censorship remains as strong as ever and that everyone needed Amnesty‚Äôs help to keep fighting it. Every freedom needs a fighter, and Hong Kong has Amnesty International.