AAMI: Smartplates

Posted on May 9, 2017 in Digital, Direct, PR, Promo & Activation, Uncategorized — Share this via

AAMI, Australia’s leading insurance company knew young drivers were the most at-risk. However, the way they learn to drive hasn’t changed in 50 years – pen, paper and an old-fashioned logbook. AAMI thought it was time to update how we teach our kids to drive and raise a safer generation of drivers. AAMI SmartPlates is a real-time drive tracker and coach that sits at the center of a new digital learning ecosystem: connecting young drivers, parents, instructors and road authorities for the first time. AAMI SmartPlates tracks every detail of every drive, so learners can focus on the road while their practice hours, routes, road type, weather and traffic conditions are monitored and recorded in real-time. Captured data gets crunched into skills sets so learners, parents and instructors can gain a complete picture of their progress, what they’re mastering and what needs improvement via a customized learning plan, helping reduce the risk of accidents caused by overconfidence and inexperience.