KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good

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Hong Kong Shark Foundation: Congratulations

Seeing blood on your wedding day is taboo – so we created a wedding video with a twist to remind people of the cruel facts behind shark fin soup and that for every wedding in Hong Kong serving it, on average 30 sharks have to die. The film pulls no punches in demonstrating the horrific […]


Maxis: SOS Network

2014/2015 saw Malaysia’s worst floods in living memory. With no power or telco network, people couldn’t call for help. So we created the Maxis S.O.S. Network, a portable battery-powered mesh network that keeps people connected – no app needed, any phone, any carrier.


Focus Film: Screen Addiction

People spend long hours on their tablets, mobile phones, and handheld game consoles. Blue rays emitted from those screens can be detrimental to our eyes. With blue light cut technology in Focus screen protector, blue ray is effectively filtered to protect users from these harmful rays. The product performance is illustrated through heavy screen users […]


Sprouts: God Save The Ocean

During the Ganesha festival, millions of Lord Ganesha idols are immersed in the sea as per tradition. Most of these idols are made of toxic materials like Plaster of Paris, lead, zinc and mercury, which pollute the sea and kill the fish. As a solution, Ogilvy Mumbai created innovative Ganesha idols out of vegetarian fish […]


Rajasthan Tourism: Mooch Logo

People’s perception about Rajasthan had been reduced to forts and palaces. However, this one-dimensional image was far removed from its vibrant reality; which includes culture, wildlife and rich history. So the idea was to create a logo that reminded people of its diversity. Hence, we combined the two most ubiquitous visuals of desert: camels and […]


Pidilite: Govinda

Fevicol has always stood for ultimate bonding, bonding beyond its physical manifestations, bonding of culture and humanity. And this ad redefined the idea of bonding. The film took the festival of Govinda, (Lord Krishna’s birthday) which is celebrated across the country. People make human pyramids to climb and break the clay pot which is symbolic of […]


School Of Life: Child Abuse

School of Life, is an NGO that aims to create a world free of abuse and violence against children. Their main challenge is lack of awareness. Child abuse is a still a taboo topic in India and parents tend to dismiss it — even though such incidents can scar a child for life. To start […]

Philips LED

Philips LED Storm: Aeroplane, Boat, Cycle

In the age of out-of-the-world gizmos, super hightech stuff and such, torch, no matter what different light it threw, was not the most interesting of products. So to try and attract attention to it, the effort was to design communication that was larger than life. Communication that was attractive enough to give a beautiful sheen […]


Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum: The Humble Greatness of Gandhi

The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum is one of the most important historic buildings in India. It is the very house where Gandhi lived and planned his campaigns of non-violent resistance that brought our independence. The house is now preserved as a museum. Despite its massive historic importance to our nation, awareness is low, especially among […]


Imytec/Canon: Celebrities

When briefed to create a campaign to express how Canon cameras and lenses are the best to take portraits, Ogilvy Tokyo tapped into the insight that today more then ever, we go out of our way to look great on the social platforms where we share the best of ourselves, trying to be as beautiful […]

lego thumb

Lego: The Shape of Imagination

To demonstrate the power of imagination, we created a set of multi-dimensional Lego installations to show different images depending on how you look at it. Each installation appears to be nothing more than an abstract Lego sculpture. By combining perception-based lighting and 41 883 Lego bricks, the amorphous shadows evolve into three distinct forms.