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MTV : #Dick The Dog

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French Film Festival: Reclaim Your Intelligence

Every week, Singaporeans watch a lot of meaningless Hollywood blockbusters. There’s nothing bad about liking these movies, as they are fun. But, sometimes your brain needs to balance them with something more meaningful. The French Cinema is globally recognized as being more intellectual and ‘arty’. So, in order to attract a non-French audience to the […]

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Otterbox: Stupid People

The Otter Box Stupid-Proof campaign is on the truth that a mobile phone left on its own is perfectly safe. Unfortunately, mobile phones have owners. These owners are people. And people in the name of bravery, adventure, creativity and innovation, do really stupid things, constantly endangering their mobile phones. Inspired by the famous photographer Martin […]


Thai Life Insurance: Opportunity

Opportunity for many is the chance to create opportunities for others. This film takes us on an emotional journey as the story unfolds to show how the main character has learnt first-hand how to appreciate the value of life and use her own experiences to better the lives of others.


WildAid: Nail Biters

A Rhino is poached for its horn every 15 minutes, with extinction of the species just a few years away. Previous messages about the Rhino’s dwindling numbers haven’t helped, as grounded Rhino Horn is thought to be a panacea in China, one that can cure anything from a cold to even cancer. Since Rhino Horn […]


KFC: Finger Lickin’ Good

KFC’s classic slogan – ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ was coming back to Hong Kong. To raise awareness we created limited edition KFC edible nail polish (Available in Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy). Not only did it put the brand back on everyone’s lips in Hong Kong, this little promotional PR stunt was heard around the […]


Hong Kong Shark Foundation: Congratulations

Seeing blood on your wedding day is taboo – so we created a wedding video with a twist to remind people of the cruel facts behind shark fin soup and that for every wedding in Hong Kong serving it, on average 30 sharks have to die. The film pulls no punches in demonstrating the horrific […]


Maxis: SOS Network

2014/2015 saw Malaysia’s worst floods in living memory. With no power or telco network, people couldn’t call for help. So we created the Maxis S.O.S. Network, a portable battery-powered mesh network that keeps people connected – no app needed, any phone, any carrier.


Shutterstock: Fake Study

With awards season in full swing, Shutterstock wanted to remind the advertising industry everywhere that they have all the stock footage they need to create entertaining case study videos for awards submissions. Proving that you can make anything up with Shutterstock. Ogilvy Hong Kong created three fake case study videos for Shutterstock, using nothing but […]


Focus Film: Screen Addiction

People spend long hours on their tablets, mobile phones, and handheld game consoles. Blue rays emitted from those screens can be detrimental to our eyes. With blue light cut technology in Focus screen protector, blue ray is effectively filtered to protect users from these harmful rays. The product performance is illustrated through heavy screen users […]


Sprouts: God Save The Ocean

During the Ganesha festival, millions of Lord Ganesha idols are immersed in the sea as per tradition. Most of these idols are made of toxic materials like Plaster of Paris, lead, zinc and mercury, which pollute the sea and kill the fish. As a solution, Ogilvy Mumbai created innovative Ganesha idols out of vegetarian fish […]


Rajasthan Tourism: Mooch Logo

People’s perception about Rajasthan had been reduced to forts and palaces. However, this one-dimensional image was far removed from its vibrant reality; which includes culture, wildlife and rich history. So the idea was to create a logo that reminded people of its diversity. Hence, we combined the two most ubiquitous visuals of desert: camels and […]